Allowed values in an ExtraOptions object that configure when the router performs the initial navigation operation.

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type InitialNavigation = 'disabled' | 'enabled' | 'enabledBlocking' | 'enabledNonBlocking';

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  • forRoot()


  • 'enabledNonBlocking' - (default) The initial navigation starts after the root component has been created. The bootstrap is not blocked on the completion of the initial navigation.
  • 'enabledBlocking' - The initial navigation starts before the root component is created. The bootstrap is blocked until the initial navigation is complete. This value is required for server-side rendering to work.
  • 'disabled' - The initial navigation is not performed. The location listener is set up before the root component gets created. Use if there is a reason to have more control over when the router starts its initial navigation due to some complex initialization logic.

The following values have been deprecated since v11, and should not be used for new applications.

  • 'enabled' - This option is 1:1 replaceable with enabledBlocking.

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