/Ansible 2.9

onepassword_raw – fetch an entire item from 1Password

New in version 2.6.


  • onepassword_raw wraps op command line utility to fetch an entire item from 1Password


The below requirements are needed on the local master node that executes this lookup.


Parameter Choices/Defaults Configuration Comments
- / required
identifier(s) (UUID, name, or domain; case-insensitive) of item(s) to retrieve.
added in 2.7
The password used to unlock the specified vault.

aliases: vault_password
added in 2.7
The secret key used when performing an initial sign in.
Item section containing the field to retrieve (case-insensitive). If absent will return first match from any section.
added in 2.7
The 1Password subdomain to authenticate against.
added in 2.7
The username used to sign in.
Vault containing the item to retrieve (case-insensitive). If absent will search all vaults.



  • This lookup will use an existing 1Password session if one exists. If not, and you have already performed an initial sign in (meaning ~/.op/config exists), then only the master_password is required. You may optionally specify subdomain in this scenario, otherwise the last used subdomain will be used by op.
  • This lookup can perform an initial login by providing subdomain, username, secret_key, and master_password.
  • Due to the very sensitive nature of these credentials, it is highly recommended that you only pass in the minimal credentials needed at any given time. Also, store these credentials in an Ansible Vault using a key that is equal to or greater in strength to the 1Password master password.
  • This lookup stores potentially sensitive data from 1Password as Ansible facts. Facts are subject to caching if enabled, which means this data could be stored in clear text on disk or in a database.
  • Tested with op version 0.5.3


- name: Retrieve all data about Wintermute
    var: lookup('onepassword_raw', 'Wintermute')

- name: Retrieve all data about Wintermute when not signed in to 1Password
    var: lookup('onepassword_raw', 'Wintermute', subdomain='Turing', vault_password='DmbslfLvasjdl')

Return Values

Common return values are documented here, the following are the fields unique to this lookup:

Key Returned Description
field data requested



  • Scott Buchanan (@scottsb)
  • Andrew Zenk (@azenk)
  • Sam Doran (@samdoran)


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