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Online.net Guide


Online is a French hosting company mainly known for providing bare-metal servers named Dedibox. Check it out: https://www.online.net/en

Dynamic inventory for Online resources

Ansible has a dynamic inventory plugin that can list your resources.

  1. Create a YAML configuration such as online_inventory.yml with this content:
plugin: online
  1. Set your ONLINE_TOKEN environment variable with your token.
    You need to open an account and log into it before you can get a token. You can find your token at the following page: https://console.online.net/en/api/access
  2. You can test that your inventory is working by running:
$ ansible-inventory -v -i online_inventory.yml --list
  1. Now you can run your playbook or any other module with this inventory:
$ ansible all -i online_inventory.yml -m ping
sd-96735 | SUCCESS => {
    "changed": false,
    "ping": "pong"

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