/CMake 3.19


New in version 3.1.

Add sources to a target.

  [<INTERFACE|PUBLIC|PRIVATE> [items2...] ...])

Specifies sources to use when building a target and/or its dependents. Relative source file paths are interpreted as being relative to the current source directory (i.e. CMAKE_CURRENT_SOURCE_DIR). The named <target> must have been created by a command such as add_executable() or add_library() and must not be an ALIAS target.

The INTERFACE, PUBLIC and PRIVATE keywords are required to specify the scope of the items following them. PRIVATE and PUBLIC items will populate the SOURCES property of <target>, which are used when building the target itself. PUBLIC and INTERFACE items will populate the INTERFACE_SOURCES property of <target>, which are used when building dependents. (IMPORTED targets only support INTERFACE items because they are not build targets.) The following arguments specify sources. Repeated calls for the same <target> append items in the order called.

Arguments to target_sources may use “generator expressions” with the syntax $<...>. See the cmake-generator-expressions(7) manual for available expressions. See the cmake-buildsystem(7) manual for more on defining buildsystem properties.

See also the CMP0076 policy for older behavior related to the handling of relative source file paths.

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