C++ named requirements: LegacyContiguousIterator (since C++17)

A LegacyContiguousIterator is a LegacyIterator whose logically adjacent elements are also physically adjacent in memory.

A pointer to an element of an array satisfies all requirements of LegacyContiguousIterator.


The type It satisfies LegacyContiguousIterator if.

And, for every.

  • a, a dereferenceable iterator of type It
  • n, an integral value

such that.

  • a + n is a valid and dereferenceable iterator value


Standard library

The following standard library types are LegacyContiguousIterators.


Fancy pointer to object types are also required to satisfy LegacyContiguousIterator.

LegacyContiguousIterator is replaced with the contiguous_iterator concept: iterator types in the standard library that are required to satisfy LegacyContiguousIterator in C++17 are required to model contiguous_iterator in C++20.

(since C++20)

See also

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