friend constexpr void iter_swap( const /*iterator*/& x, const /*iterator*/& y )
  noexcept( /*see below*/ )
    requires std::indirectly_swappable<InnerIter>;
(since C++20)

Swaps the objects pointed to by two underlying iterators (denoted as inner_).

Equivalent to: ranges::iter_swap(x.inner_, y.inner_);.

This function is not visible to ordinary unqualified or qualified lookup, and can only be found by argument-dependent lookup when join_view::iterator<Const> is an associated class of the arguments.


x, y - iterators

Return value



noexcept specification:
noexcept(noexcept(ranges::iter_swap(x.inner_, y.inner_)))

See also

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(customization point object)
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