class LLVM::Module

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Instance Method Summary

Constructor Detail

def self.new(unwrap : LibLLVM::ModuleRef, context : Context)Source

LLVM >= 3.9

Instance Method Detail

def ==(other : self)Source

Description copied from class Reference

Returns true if this reference is the same as other. Invokes same?.

def add_named_metadata_operand(name : String, value : Value) : NilSource

def context : ContextSource

def data_layout=(data : TargetData)Source

def dumpSource

def functionsSource

def globalsSource

def name : StringSource

def name=(name : String)Source

def new_function_pass_managerSource

def print_to_file(filename)Source

def take_ownership(&)Source

def target=(target)Source

def to_s(io : IO) : NilSource

Description copied from class Reference

Appends a short String representation of this object which includes its class name and its object address.

class Person
  def initialize(@name : String, @age : Int32)

Person.new("John", 32).to_s # => #<Person:0x10a199f20>

def to_unsafe : LibLLVM::ModuleRefSource

def verifySource

def write_bitcode_to_fd(fd : Int, should_close = false, buffered = false)Source

def write_bitcode_to_file(filename : String)Source

def write_bitcode_to_memory_bufferSource

def write_bitcode_with_summary_to_file(filename : String)Source

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