class YAML::ParseContext


Parsing context that holds anchors and what they refer to.

When implementing new(ctx : YAML::ParseContext, node : YAML::Nodes::Node) to deserialize an object from a node, Reference types must invoke both #read_alias and #record_anchor in order to support parsing recursive data structures.

  • #read_alias must be invoked before an instance is created
  • #record_anchor must be invoked after an instance is created and before its members are deserialized.

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Instance Method Summary

Constructor Detail

def self.newSource

Instance Method Detail

def read_alias(node, type : T.class, &) forall TSource

Tries to read an alias from node of type T. Invokes the block if successful, and invokers must return this object instead of deserializing their members.

def read_alias?(node, type : T.class, &) forall TSource

Similar to #read_alias but doesn't raise if an alias exists but an instance of type T isn't associated with the current anchor.

def record_anchor(node, object : T) : Nil forall TSource

Associates an object with an anchor.

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