Cypress.browser returns you properties of the browser.


Cypress.browser // returns browser object

The object has the following properties:

Property Type Description
channel string Release channel of the browser, such as stable, dev, or canary.
displayName string Human-readable display name for the browser.
family string Rendering engine being used. chromium or firefox.
isChosen boolean Whether the browser is selected in the browser selector of the Test Runner.
majorVersion number The major version number of the browser.
name string Machine-friendly name, like chrome, electron, or firefox.
path string Path to the browser on disk. Blank for Electron.
version string Full version.
isHeadless boolean Whether the browser is running headlessly.
isHeaded boolean Whether the browser displays headed.


Log browser information

Cypress.browser returns browser object

it('log browser info', () => {
  // {
  //   channel: 'stable',
  //   displayName: 'Chrome',
  //   family: 'chromium',
  //   isChosen: true,
  //   majorVersion: 80,
  //   name: 'chrome',
  //   path: '/Applications/Google Chrome.app/Contents/MacOS/Google Chrome',
  //   version: '80.0.3987.87',
  //   isHeaded: true,
  //   isHeadless: false
  // }


Check that Chrome specific styles are applied

@media and (-webkit-min-device-pixel-ratio:0) {
  .header {
    margin-right: 0;
it('has correct Chrome specific css property', () => {
  // if in Chrome, check css property was properly applied
  if (Cypress.browser.name === 'chrome') {
    .should('have.css', 'margin-right')
    .and('eq', '0')

Screenshot only in headless browser

Cypress.Commands.overwrite('screenshot', (originalFn, subject, name, options) => {
  // only take screenshots in headless browser
  if (Cypress.browser.isHeadless) {
    // return the original screenshot function
    return originalFn(subject, name, options)

  return cy.log('No screenshot taken when headed')

// only takes in headless browser


Version Changes
3.0.2 Cypress.browser introduced

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