This is the internal API for controlling what gets printed to the Command Log.

Useful when writing your own custom commands.




options (Object)

Pass in an options object to Cypress.log().

Option Default Description
$el undefined
name name of the command
displayName name of the command Overrides name only for display purposes.
message command args
consoleProps function() {}


We want the Command Log and the console in the DevTools to log specific properties of our custom command.

Cypress.Commands.add('setSessionStorage', (key, value) => {
  // Turn off logging of the cy.window() to command log
  cy.window({ log: false }).then((window) => {
    window.sessionStorage.setItem(key, value)

  const log = Cypress.log({
    name: 'setSessionStorage',
    // shorter name for the Command Log
    displayName: 'setSS',
    message: `${key}, ${value}`,
    consoleProps: () => {
      // return an object which will
      // print to dev tools console on click
      return {
        'Key': key,
        'Value': value,
        'Session Storage': window.sessionStorage

The code above displays in the Command Log as shown below, with the console properties shown on click of the command.

Custom logging of custom command

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