/Drupal 8

class InstallerKernel

Extend DrupalKernel to handle force some kernel behaviors.



core/lib/Drupal/Core/Installer/InstallerKernel.php, line 10




Name Modifiers Type Description
DrupalKernel::$allowDumping protected property Whether the container can be dumped.
DrupalKernel::$booted protected property Whether the kernel has been booted.
DrupalKernel::$bootstrapContainer protected property Holds the bootstrap container.
DrupalKernel::$bootstrapContainerClass protected property Holds the class used for instantiating the bootstrap container.
DrupalKernel::$classLoader protected property The class loader object.
DrupalKernel::$configStorage protected property Config storage object used for reading enabled modules configuration.
DrupalKernel::$container protected property Holds the container instance.
DrupalKernel::$containerNeedsDumping protected property Whether the container needs to be dumped once booting is complete.
DrupalKernel::$containerNeedsRebuild protected property Whether the container needs to be rebuilt the next time it is initialized.
DrupalKernel::$defaultBootstrapContainerDefinition protected property Holds the default bootstrap container definition.
DrupalKernel::$environment protected property The environment, e.g. 'testing', 'install'.
DrupalKernel::$isEnvironmentInitialized protected static property Whether the PHP environment has been initialized.
DrupalKernel::$moduleData protected property List of available modules and installation profiles.
DrupalKernel::$moduleList protected property Holds the list of enabled modules.
DrupalKernel::$phpArrayDumperClass protected property Holds the class used for dumping the container to a PHP array.
DrupalKernel::$prepared protected property Whether essential services have been set up properly by preHandle().
DrupalKernel::$root protected property The app root.
DrupalKernel::$serviceProviderClasses protected property List of discovered service provider class names or objects.
DrupalKernel::$serviceProviders protected property List of instantiated service provider classes.
DrupalKernel::$serviceYamls protected property List of discovered services.yml pathnames.
DrupalKernel::$sitePath protected property The site directory.
DrupalKernel::addServiceFiles protected function Add service files.
DrupalKernel::attachSynthetic protected function Attach synthetic values on to kernel.
DrupalKernel::boot public function Boots the current kernel. Overrides DrupalKernelInterface::boot
DrupalKernel::bootEnvironment public static function Setup a consistent PHP environment.
DrupalKernel::cacheDrupalContainer protected function Stores the container definition in a cache.
DrupalKernel::classLoaderAddMultiplePsr4 protected function Registers a list of namespaces with PSR-4 directories for class loading.
DrupalKernel::compileContainer protected function Compiles a new service container.
DrupalKernel::createFromRequest public static function Create a DrupalKernel object from a request.
DrupalKernel::discoverServiceProviders public function Discovers available serviceProviders. Overrides DrupalKernelInterface::discoverServiceProviders
DrupalKernel::findSitePath public static function Returns the appropriate site directory for a request.
DrupalKernel::getAppRoot public function Gets the app root. Overrides DrupalKernelInterface::getAppRoot
DrupalKernel::getCachedContainerDefinition public function Returns the cached container definition - if any. Overrides DrupalKernelInterface::getCachedContainerDefinition
DrupalKernel::getContainer public function Gets the current container. Overrides DrupalKernelInterface::getContainer
DrupalKernel::getContainerBuilder protected function Gets a new ContainerBuilder instance used to build the service container.
DrupalKernel::getContainerCacheKey protected function Returns the container cache key based on the environment.
DrupalKernel::getHttpKernel protected function Gets a http kernel from the container
DrupalKernel::getKernelParameters protected function Returns the kernel parameters.
DrupalKernel::getModuleFileNames protected function Gets the file name for each enabled module.
DrupalKernel::getModuleNamespacesPsr4 protected function Gets the PSR-4 base directories for module namespaces.
DrupalKernel::getModulesParameter protected function Returns an array of Extension class parameters for all enabled modules.
DrupalKernel::getServiceProviders public function Returns all registered service providers. Overrides DrupalKernelInterface::getServiceProviders
DrupalKernel::getServicesToPersist protected function Returns service instances to persist from an old container to a new one.
DrupalKernel::getSitePath public function Get the site path. Overrides DrupalKernelInterface::getSitePath
DrupalKernel::handle public function Handles a Request to convert it to a Response. Overrides HttpKernelInterface::handle
DrupalKernel::handleException protected function Converts an exception into a response.
DrupalKernel::initializeRequestGlobals protected function Bootstraps the legacy global request variables.
DrupalKernel::initializeServiceProviders protected function Registers all service providers to the kernel.
DrupalKernel::initializeSettings protected function Locate site path and initialize settings singleton.
DrupalKernel::invalidateContainer public function Invalidate the service container for the next request. Overrides DrupalKernelInterface::invalidateContainer
DrupalKernel::loadLegacyIncludes public function Helper method that loads legacy Drupal include files. Overrides DrupalKernelInterface::loadLegacyIncludes
DrupalKernel::moduleData protected function Returns module data on the filesystem.
DrupalKernel::persistServices protected function Moves persistent service instances into a new container.
DrupalKernel::preHandle public function Helper method that does request related initialization. Overrides DrupalKernelInterface::preHandle
DrupalKernel::prepareLegacyRequest public function Prepare the kernel for handling a request without handling the request. Overrides DrupalKernelInterface::prepareLegacyRequest
DrupalKernel::rebuildContainer public function Force a container rebuild. Overrides DrupalKernelInterface::rebuildContainer
DrupalKernel::setContainer public function Sets the container. Overrides ContainerAwareInterface::setContainer
DrupalKernel::setSitePath public function Set the current site path. Overrides DrupalKernelInterface::setSitePath
DrupalKernel::setupTrustedHosts protected static function Sets up the lists of trusted HTTP Host headers.
DrupalKernel::shutdown public function Shuts down the kernel. Overrides DrupalKernelInterface::shutdown
DrupalKernel::terminate public function Terminates a request/response cycle. Overrides TerminableInterface::terminate
DrupalKernel::updateModules public function Implements Drupal\Core\DrupalKernelInterface::updateModules(). Overrides DrupalKernelInterface::updateModules
DrupalKernel::validateHostname public static function Validates the hostname supplied from the HTTP request.
DrupalKernel::validateHostnameLength protected static function Validates a hostname length.
DrupalKernel::__construct public function Constructs a DrupalKernel object.
HttpKernelInterface::MASTER_REQUEST constant
HttpKernelInterface::SUB_REQUEST constant
InstallerKernel::getConfigStorage public function Returns the active configuration storage used during early install. Overrides DrupalKernel::getConfigStorage
InstallerKernel::initializeContainer protected function Initializes the service container. Overrides DrupalKernel::initializeContainer
InstallerKernel::resetConfigStorage public function Reset the bootstrap config storage.

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