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class ThemeRegistry

Builds the run-time theme registry.

A cache collector to allow the theme registry to be accessed as a complete registry, while internally caching only the parts of the registry that are actually in use on the site. On cache misses the complete theme registry is loaded and used to update the run-time cache.



core/lib/Drupal/Core/Utility/ThemeRegistry.php, line 19




Name Modifiers Type Description
CacheCollector::$cache protected property The cache backend that should be used.
CacheCollector::$cacheCreated protected property Stores the cache creation time.
CacheCollector::$cacheInvalidated protected property Flag that indicates of the cache has been invalidated.
CacheCollector::$cacheLoaded protected property Indicates if the collected cache was already loaded.
CacheCollector::$cid protected property The cache id that is used for the cache entry.
CacheCollector::$keysToPersist protected property An array of keys to add to the cache on service termination.
CacheCollector::$keysToRemove protected property An array of keys to remove from the cache on service termination.
CacheCollector::$lock protected property The lock backend that should be used.
CacheCollector::$storage protected property Storage for the data itself.
CacheCollector::$tags protected property A list of tags that are used for the cache entry.
CacheCollector::clear public function Clears the collected cache entry. Overrides CacheCollectorInterface::clear
CacheCollector::delete public function Deletes the element. Overrides CacheCollectorInterface::delete
CacheCollector::destruct public function Performs destruct operations. Overrides DestructableInterface::destruct
CacheCollector::getCid protected function Gets the cache ID.
CacheCollector::invalidateCache protected function Invalidate the cache.
CacheCollector::lazyLoadCache protected function Loads the cache if not already done.
CacheCollector::normalizeLockName protected function Normalizes a cache ID in order to comply with database limitations.
CacheCollector::persist protected function Flags an offset value to be written to the persistent cache.
CacheCollector::reset public function Resets the local cache. Overrides CacheCollectorInterface::reset
CacheCollector::set public function Implements \Drupal\Core\Cache\CacheCollectorInterface::set(). Overrides CacheCollectorInterface::set
ThemeRegistry::$completeRegistry protected property The complete theme registry array.
ThemeRegistry::$persistable protected property Whether the partial registry can be persisted to the cache.
ThemeRegistry::get public function Gets value from the cache. Overrides CacheCollector::get
ThemeRegistry::has public function Returns whether data exists for this key. Overrides CacheCollector::has
ThemeRegistry::initializeRegistry function Initializes the full theme registry.
ThemeRegistry::resolveCacheMiss public function Resolves a cache miss. Overrides CacheCollector::resolveCacheMiss
ThemeRegistry::updateCache protected function Writes a value to the persistent cache immediately. Overrides CacheCollector::updateCache
ThemeRegistry::__construct function Constructs a ThemeRegistry object. Overrides CacheCollector::__construct

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