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Inherits: Button < BaseButton < Control < CanvasItem < Node < Object

Special button that brings up a PopupMenu when clicked.


Special button that brings up a PopupMenu when clicked.

New items can be created inside this PopupMenu using get_popup().add_item("My Item Name"). You can also create them directly from the editor. To do so, select the MenuButton node, then in the toolbar at the top of the 2D editor, click Items then click Add in the popup. You will be able to give each items new properties.


ActionMode action_mode 0 (parent override)
FocusMode enabled_focus_mode 0 (parent override)
bool flat true (parent override)
FocusMode focus_mode 0 (parent override)
bool switch_on_hover false
bool toggle_mode true (parent override)


PopupMenu get_popup ( ) const
void set_disable_shortcuts ( bool disabled )

Theme Properties

StyleBox disabled
StyleBox focus
Font font
Color font_color Color( 0.88, 0.88, 0.88, 1 )
Color font_color_disabled Color( 1, 1, 1, 0.3 )
Color font_color_hover Color( 0.94, 0.94, 0.94, 1 )
Color font_color_pressed Color( 1, 1, 1, 1 )
StyleBox hover
int hseparation 3
StyleBox normal
StyleBox pressed


about_to_show ( )

Emitted when PopupMenu of this MenuButton is about to show.

Property Descriptions

bool switch_on_hover

Default false
Setter set_switch_on_hover(value)
Getter is_switch_on_hover()

If true, when the cursor hovers above another MenuButton within the same parent which also has switch_on_hover enabled, it will close the current MenuButton and open the other one.

Method Descriptions

PopupMenu get_popup ( ) const

Returns the PopupMenu contained in this button.

void set_disable_shortcuts ( bool disabled )

If true, shortcuts are disabled and cannot be used to trigger the button.

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