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Inherits: Resource < Reference < Object

Defines a 2D polygon for LightOccluder2D.


Editor facility that helps you draw a 2D polygon used as resource for LightOccluder2D.


bool closed true
CullMode cull_mode 0
PoolVector2Array polygon PoolVector2Array(  )


enum CullMode:

  • CULL_DISABLED = 0 --- Culling is disabled. See cull_mode.
  • CULL_CLOCKWISE = 1 --- Culling is performed in the clockwise direction. See cull_mode.
  • CULL_COUNTER_CLOCKWISE = 2 --- Culling is performed in the counterclockwise direction. See cull_mode.

Property Descriptions

bool closed

Default true
Setter set_closed(value)
Getter is_closed()

If true, closes the polygon. A closed OccluderPolygon2D occludes the light coming from any direction. An opened OccluderPolygon2D occludes the light only at its outline's direction.

CullMode cull_mode

Default 0
Setter set_cull_mode(value)
Getter get_cull_mode()

The culling mode to use.

PoolVector2Array polygon

Default PoolVector2Array(  )
Setter set_polygon(value)
Getter get_polygon()

A Vector2 array with the index for polygon's vertices positions.

Note: The returned value is a copy of the underlying array, rather than a reference.

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