itemref (attribute)

Properties that are not descendants of an element with the itemscope attribute can be associated with an item using the global attribute itemref.

itemref provides a list of element IDs (not itemids) elsewhere in the document, with additional properties

The itemref attribute can only be specified on elements that have an itemscope attribute specified.

Note: the itemref attribute is not part of the microdata data model. It is merely a syntactic construct to aid authors in adding annotations to pages where the data to be annotated does not follow a convenient tree structure. For example, it allows authors to mark up data in a table so that each column defines a separate item while keeping the properties in the cells.



<div itemscope id="amanda" itemref="a b"></div>
<p id="a">Name: <span itemprop="name">Amanda</span> </p>
<div id="b" itemprop="band" itemscope itemref="c"></div>
<div id="c">
    <p>Band: <span itemprop="name">Jazz Band</span> </p>
    <p>Size: <span itemprop="size">12</span> players</p>

Structured data

(in JSON-LD format)

  "@id": "amanda",
  "name": "Amanda",
  "band": {
    "@id": "b",
    "name": "Jazz Band",
    "size": 12



Browser compatibilityUpdate compatibility data on GitHub

Chrome Edge Firefox Internet Explorer Opera Safari
itemref Yes 12 Yes Yes Yes Yes
Android webview Chrome for Android Firefox for Android Opera for Android Safari on iOS Samsung Internet
itemref Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes

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