Geometry Relations

Geometry relations

Title Description
CONTAINS Whether one geometry contains another.
CROSSES Whether two geometries spatially cross
DISJOINT Whether the two elements do not intersect.
EQUALS Indicates whether two geometries are spatially equal.
INTERSECTS Indicates whether two geometries spatially intersect.
OVERLAPS Indicates whether two elements spatially overlap.
ST_CONTAINS Whether one geometry is contained by another.
ST_CROSSES Whether two geometries spatially cross.
ST_DIFFERENCE Point set difference.
ST_DISJOINT Whether one geometry is spatially disjoint from another.
ST_DISTANCE The distance between two geometries.
ST_EQUALS Whether two geometries are spatoially equal.
ST_INTERSECTS Whether two geometries spatially intersect.
ST_LENGTH Length of a LineString value.
ST_OVERLAPS Whether two geometries overlap.
ST_TOUCHES Whether one geometry g1 spatially touches another.
ST_WITHIN Whether one geometry is within another.
TOUCHES Whether two geometries spatially touch.
WITHIN Indicate whether a geographic element is spacially within another.
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