Geographic & Geometric Features

MariaDB supports spatial extensions that enable the creation, storage and analysis of geographic features. These can be used in the Aria, MyISAM, InnoDB/XtraDB and ARCHIVE engines in MariaDB.

Partitioned tables do not support geometric types.

Title Description
GIS Resources Resources for those interested in GIS
GIS features in 5.3.3 Basic information about the existing spatial features can be found in the G...
Geometry Types Supported geometry types
Geometry Hierarchy The base Geometry class has subclasses for Point, Curve, Surface and GeometryCollection
Geometry Constructors Geometry constructors
Geometry Properties Geometry properties
Geometry Relations Geometry relations
LineString Properties LineString properties
MBR (Minimum Bounding Rectangle)
Point Properties Point properties
Polygon Properties Polygon properties
WKB Well-Known Binary format for geometric data
WKT Well-Known Text geometry representation
MySQL/MariaDB Spatial Support Matrix Table comparing when different spatial features were introduced into MySQL and MariaDB
SPATIAL INDEX An index type used for geometric columns.
MariaDB Plans - GIS Old GIS plans
The maria/5.3-gis tree on Launchpad. Note: This page is obsolete. The information is old, outdated, or otherwise...
GeoJSON GeoJSON functions
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