The Well-Known Text (WKT) representation of Geometry is designed to exchange geometry data in ASCII form. This section has articles on WKT in MariaDB.

Title Description
WKT Definition Well-Known Text for exchanging geometry data in ASCII form.
AsText Synonym for ST_AsText.
AsWKT Synonym for ST_AsText.
GeomCollFromText Synonym for ST_GeomCollFromText.
GeometryCollectionFromText Synonym for ST_GeomCollFromText.
GeometryFromText Synonym for ST_GeomFromText.
GeomFromText Synonym for ST_GeomFromText.
LineFromText Synonym for ST_LineFromText.
LineStringFromText Synonym for ST_LineFromText.
MLineFromText Constructs MULTILINESTRING using its WKT representation and SRID.
MPointFromText Constructs a MULTIPOINT value using its WKT and SRID.
MPolyFromText Constructs a MULTIPOLYGON value.
MultiLineStringFromText Synonym for MLineFromText.
MultiPointFromText Synonym for MPointFromText.
MultiPolygonFromText Synonym for MPolyFromText.
PointFromText Synonym for ST_PointFromText.
PolyFromText Synonym for ST_PolyFromText.
PolygonFromText Synonym for ST_PolyFromText.
ST_AsText Converts a value to its WKT-Definition.
ST_ASWKT Synonym for ST_ASTEXT().
ST_GeomCollFromText Constructs a GEOMETRYCOLLECTION value.
ST_GeometryCollectionFromText Synonym for ST_GeomCollFromText.
ST_GeometryFromText Synonym for ST_GeomFromText.
ST_GeomFromText Constructs a geometry value using its WKT and SRID.
ST_LineFromText Creates a linestring value.
ST_LineStringFromText Synonym for ST_LineFromText.
ST_PointFromText Constructs a POINT value.
ST_PolyFromText Constructs a POLYGON value.
ST_PolygonFromText Synonym for ST_PolyFromText.
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