Inserting & Loading Data

The INSERT statement is the primary SQL statement for adding data into a table in MariaDB.

Title Description
INSERT Insert rows into a table.
INSERT DELAYED Queue row to be inserted when thread is free
INSERT SELECT Insert the rows returned by a SELECT into a table
LOAD Data into Tables or Index Loading data quickly into MariaDB
Concurrent Inserts Under some circumstances, MyISAM allows INSERTs and SELECTs to be executed concurrently
HIGH_PRIORITY and LOW_PRIORITY How to modify statements priority with storage engines supporting table-level locks.
IGNORE Suppress errors while trying to violate a UNIQUE constraint.
INSERT - Default & Duplicate Values Default and duplicate values when inserting.
INSERT IGNORE Convert errors to warnings, permitting inserts of additional rows to continue.
INSERT ON DUPLICATE KEY UPDATE INSERT if no duplicate key is found, otherwise UPDATE
INSERT...RETURNING Returns a resultset of the inserted rows.
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