Information Schema INNODB_TRX Table

The Information Schema INNODB_TRX table stores information about all currently executing InnoDB transactions.

It has the following columns:

Column Description
TRX_ID Unique transaction ID number.
TRX_STATE Transaction execution state; one of RUNNING, LOCK WAIT, ROLLING BACK or COMMITTING.
TRX_STARTED Time that the transaction started.
TRX_REQUESTED_LOCK_ID If TRX_STATE is LOCK_WAIT, the INNODB_LOCKS.LOCK_ID value of the lock being waited on. NULL if any other state.
TRX_WAIT_STARTED If TRX_STATE is LOCK_WAIT, the time the transaction started waiting for the lock, otherwise NULL.
TRX_WEIGHT Transaction weight, based on the number of locked rows and the number of altered rows. To resolve deadlocks, lower weighted transactions are rolled back first. Transactions that have affected non-transactional tables are always treated as having a heavier weight.
TRX_MYSQL_THREAD_ID Thread ID from the PROCESSLIST table (note that the locking and transaction information schema tables use a different snapshot from the processlist, so records may appear in one but not the other).
TRX_QUERY SQL that the transaction is currently running.
TRX_OPERATION_STATE Transaction's current state, or NULL.
TRX_TABLES_IN_USE Number of InnoDB tables currently being used for processing the current SQL statement.
TRX_TABLES_LOCKED Number of InnoDB tables that that have row locks held by the current SQL statement.
TRX_LOCK_STRUCTS Number of locks reserved by the transaction.
TRX_LOCK_MEMORY_BYTES Total size in bytes of the memory used to hold the lock structures for the current transaction in memory.
TRX_ROWS_LOCKED Number of rows the current transaction has locked. locked by this transaction. An approximation, and may include rows not visible to the current transaction that are delete-marked but physically present.
TRX_ROWS_MODIFIED Number of rows added or changed in the current transaction.
TRX_CONCURRENCY_TICKETS Indicates how much work the current transaction can do before being swapped out, see the innodb_concurrency_tickets system variable.
TRX_ISOLATION_LEVEL Isolation level of the current transaction.
TRX_UNIQUE_CHECKS Whether unique checks are on or off for the current transaction. Bulk data are a case where unique checks would be off.
TRX_FOREIGN_KEY_CHECKS Whether foreign key checks are on or off for the current transaction. Bulk data are a case where foreign keys checks would be off.
TRX_LAST_FOREIGN_KEY_ERROR Error message for the most recent foreign key error, or NULL if none.
TRX_ADAPTIVE_HASH_LATCHED Whether the adaptive hash index is locked by the current transaction or not. One transaction at a time can change the adaptive hash index.
TRX_ADAPTIVE_HASH_TIMEOUT Whether the adaptive hash index search latch shoild be relinquished immediately or reserved across all MariaDB calls. 0 if there is no contention on the adaptive hash index, in which case the latch is reserved until completion, otherwise counts down to zero and the latch is released after each row lookup.
TRX_IS_READ_ONLY 1 if a read-only transaction, otherwise 0.
TRX_AUTOCOMMIT_NON_LOCKING 1 if the transaction only contains this one statement, that is, a SELECT statement not using FOR UPDATE or LOCK IN SHARED MODE, and with autocommit on. If this and TRX_IS_READ_ONLY are both 1, the transaction can be optimized by the storrage engine to reduce some overheads

The table is often used in conjunction with the INNODB_LOCKS and INNODB_LOCK_WAITS tables to diagnose problematic locks and transactions.

XA transactions are not stored in this table. To see them, XA RECOVER can be used.

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