Information Functions

General information functions, including BENCHMARK, CHARSET, DATABASE, USER, VERSION, etc.

Title Description
BENCHMARK Executes an expression repeatedly.
BINLOG_GTID_POS Returns a string representation of the corresponding GTID position.
CHARSET Returns the character set.
COERCIBILITY Returns the collation coercibility value.
COLLATION Collation of the string argument.
CONNECTION_ID Connection thread ID.
CURRENT_ROLE Current role name.
CURRENT_USER Username/host that authenicated the current client.
DATABASE Current default database.
DECODE_HISTOGRAM Returns comma separated numerics corresponding to a probability distribution.
DEFAULT Returns column default.
FOUND_ROWS Number of (potentially) returned rows.
LAST_INSERT_ID Last inserted auto_increment value.
LAST_VALUE Returns the last value in a list or set of values.
PROCEDURE ANALYSE Suggests optimal data types for each column.
ROW_COUNT Number of rows affected by previous statement.
SCHEMA Synonym for DATABASE().
SESSION_USER Synonym for USER().
SYSTEM_USER Synonym for USER().
USER Current user/host.
VERSION MariaDB server version.
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