Information Schema APPLICABLE_ROLES Table

MariaDB 10.0.5

The APPLICABLE_ROLES table was introduced in MariaDB 10.0.5

The Information Schema APPLICABLE_ROLES table shows the role authorizations that the current user may use.

It contains the following columns:

Column Description Added
GRANTEE Account that the role was granted to.
ROLE_NAME Name of the role.
IS_GRANTABLE Whether the role can be granted or not.
IS_DEFAULT Whether the role is the user's default role or not MariaDB 10.1.3

The current role is in the ENABLED_ROLES Information Schema table.


SELECT * FROM information_schema.APPLICABLE_ROLES;
| [email protected] | journalist  | YES          | NO         |
| [email protected] | staff       | YES          | NO         |
| [email protected] | dd          | YES          | NO         |
| [email protected] | dog         | YES          | NO         |
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