MyRocks is a storage engine that adds the RocksDB database to MariaDB. RocksDB is an LSM database with a great compression ratio that is optimized for flash storage.

MyRocks Version Introduced Maturity
MyRocks 1.0 MariaDB 10.3.7, MariaDB 10.2.16 Stable
MyRocks 1.0 MariaDB 10.3.5, MariaDB 10.2.14 Gamma
MyRocks 1.0 MariaDB 10.3.4, MariaDB 10.2.13 Beta
MyRocks 1.0 MariaDB 10.2.5 Alpha
Title Description
About MyRocks for MariaDB Enables greater compression than InnoDB, and less write amplification.
Getting Started with MyRocks Installing and getting started with MyRocks.
Building MyRocks in MariaDB MariaDB compile process for MyRocks.
Loading Data Into MyRocks MyRocks has ways to load data much faster than normal INSERTs
MyRocks Status Variables MyRocks-related status variables.
MyRocks System Variables MyRocks Server System Variables
MyRocks Transactional Isolation TODO: MyRocks uses snapshot isolation Support do READ-COMMITTED and REPEAT...
MyRocks and Replication Details about how MyRocks works with replication.
MyRocks and Group Commit with Binary log MyRocks supports group commit with the binary log
Optimizer Statistics in MyRocks How MyRocks provides statistics to the query optimizer
Differences Between MyRocks Variants Differences between Facebook's, MariaDB's and Percona Server's MyRocks.
MyRocks and Bloom Filters Bloom filters are used to reduce read amplification.
MyRocks and CHECK TABLE MyRocks supports the CHECK TABLE command.
MyRocks and Data Compression MyRocks supports several compression algorithms.
MyRocks and Index-Only Scans MyRocks and index-only scans on secondary indexes.
MyRocks and START TRANSACTION WITH CONSISTENT SNAPSHOT FB/MySQL has added new syntax which returns the binlog coordinates pointing at the snapshot.
MyRocks Column Families MyRocks stores data in column families, which are similar to tablespaces.
MyRocks in MariaDB 10.2 vs MariaDB 10.3 MyRocks storage engine in MariaDB 10.2 and MariaDB 10.3.
MyRocks performance troubleshooting MyRocks exposes its performance metrics through several interfaces: Status ...
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