MariaDB starting with 10.0.4

The Spider storage engine was introduced in MariaDB 10.0.4

The Spider storage engine supports partitioning and xa transactions, and allows tables of different MariaDB instances to be handled as if they were on the same instance.

Versions of Spider in MariaDB

Spider Version Introduced Maturity
Spider 3.3.14 MariaDB 10.4.3, MariaDB 10.3.13 Stable
Spider 3.3.13 MariaDB 10.3.7 Stable
Spider 3.3.13 MariaDB 10.3.3 Gamma
Spider 3.2.37 MariaDB 10.1.10, MariaDB 10.0.23 Gamma
Spider 3.2.21 MariaDB 10.1.5, MariaDB 10.0.18 Gamma
Spider 3.2.18 MariaDB 10.0.17 Gamma
Spider 3.2.11 MariaDB 10.0.14 Gamma
Spider 3.2.4 MariaDB 10.0.12 Gamma
Spider 3.2 MariaDB 10.0.11 Gamma
Spider 3.0 MariaDB 10.0.4 Beta

Spider Documentation

The Spider documentation on the MariaDB Knowledge Base is currently incomplete. See the Spider website for more: http://spiderformysql.com/, as well as the spider-1.0-doc and spider-2.0-doc repositories.

Title Description
Spider Storage Engine Overview Storage engine with sharding features.
Spider Installation Setting up Spider.
Spider Storage Engine Core Concepts Key Spider concepts
Spider Use Cases Basic working examples for Spider
Spider Cluster Management Spider Cluster Management
Spider Feature Matrix Matrix of Spider features
Spider Server System Variables System variables for the Spider storage engine.
Spider Table System Variables Spider variables available in the CREATE TABLE ... COMMENT clause
Spider Server Status Variables Spider Server Status Variables
Spider Functions User-defined functions available with the Spider storage engine.
Spider Differences Between SpiderForMySQL and MariaDB Spider differences between MySQL and MariaDB
Information Schema SPIDER_ALLOC_MEM Table Information about Spider's memory usage.
Spider Case Studies List of clients using Spider
Spider Benchmarks Benchmarks for Spider
Spider FAQ Frequently-asked questions about the Spider storage engine
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