MariaDB starting with 10.3

CREATE SEQUENCE was introduced in MariaDB 10.3.

A sequence is an object that generates a sequence of numeric values, as specified by the CREATE SEQUENCE statement. Sequences are an alternative to AUTO_INCREMENT when you want more control over how sequence numbers are generated.

Since a SEQUENCE caches values, it can sometimes be faster. Also, you can access the last value generated by all used sequences; it's not subjected to limitations of LAST_INSERT_ID( ).

This section is about sequence objects. For details about the storage engine, see Sequence Storage Engine.

Title Description
Sequence Overview Object that generates a sequence of numeric values.
CREATE SEQUENCE Creates a sequence that generates new values when called with NEXT VALUE FOR.
SHOW CREATE SEQUENCE Shows the CREATE SEQUENCE statement that created the sequence.
ALTER SEQUENCE Change options for a SEQUENCE.
SEQUENCE Functions Functions that can be used on SEQUENCEs.
SHOW TABLES List of non-temporary tables, views or sequences.
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