Articles on the various SHOW commands.

Title Description
About SHOW General information about the SHOW statement.
Extended Show Extended SHOW with WHERE and LIKE.
SHOW AUTHORS Information about the people who work on MariaDB.
SHOW BINARY LOGS SHOW BINARY LOGS lists all binary logs on the server.
SHOW BINLOG EVENTS Show events in the binary log
SHOW CHARACTER SET Available character sets.
SHOW CLIENT_STATISTICS Statistics about client connections
SHOW COLLATION Supported collations.
SHOW COLUMNS Column information.
SHOW CONTRIBUTORS Companies and people who financially contribute to MariaDB.
SHOW CREATE DATABASE Shows the CREATE DATABASE statement that created the database
SHOW CREATE EVENT Displays the CREATE EVENT statement needed to re-create a given event
SHOW CREATE FUNCTION Statement that created the function
SHOW CREATE PACKAGE Show the CREATE statement that creates the given package specification.
SHOW CREATE PACKAGE BODY Show the CREATE statement that creates the given package body (i.e. implementation).
SHOW CREATE PROCEDURE Returns the string used for creating a stored procedure.
SHOW CREATE SEQUENCE Shows the CREATE SEQUENCE statement that created the sequence.
SHOW CREATE TABLE Shows the CREATE TABLE statement that created the table.
SHOW CREATE TRIGGER Shows the CREATE TRIGGER statement used to create the trigger
SHOW CREATE USER Show the CREATE USER statement for a specified user.
SHOW CREATE VIEW Show the CREATE VIEW statement that created a view
SHOW DATABASES Lists the databases on the server
SHOW ENGINE Show storage engine information
SHOW ENGINE INNODB STATUS Display extensive InnoDB information.
SHOW ENGINES Server storage engine info
SHOW ERRORS Displays errors.
SHOW EVENTS Shows information about events
SHOW EXPLAIN Shows an execution plan for a running query
SHOW FUNCTION CODE Representation of the internal implementation of the stored function
SHOW FUNCTION STATUS Stored function characteristics
SHOW GRANTS View GRANT statements.
SHOW INDEX Information about table indexes
SHOW INDEX_STATISTICS Index usage statistics
SHOW LOCALES View locales information
SHOW MASTER STATUS Status information about the binary log.
SHOW OPEN TABLES List non-temporary open tables.
SHOW PACKAGE BODY STATUS Returns characteristics of stored package bodies (implementations).
SHOW PACKAGE STATUS Returns characteristics of stored package specifications.
SHOW PLUGINS Display information about installed plugins.
SHOW PLUGINS SONAME Information about all available plugins, installed or not
SHOW PRIVILEGES Shows the list of supported system privileges.
SHOW PROCEDURE CODE Display internal implementation of a stored procedure.
SHOW PROCEDURE STATUS Stored procedure characteristics.
SHOW PROCESSLIST Running threads and information about them
SHOW PROFILE Display statement resource usage
SHOW PROFILES Show statement resource usage
SHOW QUERY_RESPONSE_TIME Retrieving information from the QUERY_RESPONSE_TIME plugin
SHOW RELAYLOG EVENTS Show events in the relay log
SHOW SLAVE HOSTS Display replication slaves currently registered with the master.
SHOW SLAVE STATUS Show status for one or all masters.
SHOW STATUS Server status information.
SHOW TABLE STATUS SHOW TABLES with information about non-temporary tables
SHOW TABLES List of non-temporary tables, views or sequences.
SHOW TABLE_STATISTICS Table usage statistics
SHOW TRIGGERS Shows currently-defined triggers
SHOW USER_STATISTICS User activity statistics
SHOW VARIABLES Displays the values of system variables.
SHOW WARNINGS Displays errors, warnings and notes.
SHOW WSREP_MEMBERSHIP Galera node cluster membership information
SHOW WSREP_STATUS Galera node cluster status information
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