System Variables

Title Description
Full List of MariaDB Options, System and Status Variables Complete alphabetical list of all MariaDB options as well as system and status variables.
Server Status Variables List and description of the Server Status Variables.
Server System Variables List of system variables.
Aria Status Variables Aria-related server status variables.
Aria System Variables Aria-related system variables.
Cassandra Status Variables Cassandra-related status variables
Cassandra System Variables Cassandra system variables
CONNECT System Variables System variables related to the CONNECT storage engine.
Galera Cluster Status Variables Galera Cluster Status Variables
Galera Cluster System Variables Listing and description of Galera Cluster system variables.
Mroonga Status Variables Mroonga-related status variables.
Mroonga System Variables Mroonga-related system variables.
MyISAM System Variables MyISAM system variables.
MyRocks System Variables MyRocks Server System Variables
OQGRAPH System and Status Variables List and description of OQGRAPH system and status variables.
Replication and Binary Log Status Variables Replication and Binary Log Server Status Variables
Replication and Binary Log System Variables Replication and binary log system variables.
Semisynchronous Replication Plugin Status Variables Semisynchronous Replication plugin status variables
Semisynchronous Replication Semisynchronous replication.
MariaDB Audit Plugin - Status Variables Server Audit plugin status variables
MariaDB Audit Plugin Options and System Variables Description of Server_Audit plugin options and system variables.
Spider Server Status Variables Spider Server Status Variables
Spider Server System Variables System variables for the Spider storage engine.
Sphinx Status Variables Sphinx Status Variables
SQL_ERROR_LOG Plugin System Variables SQL_ERROR_LOG plugin-related system variables.
SSL/TLS Status Variables List and description of Transport Layer Security (TLS)-related status variables.
SSL/TLS System Variables List and description of Transport Layer Security (TLS)-related system variables.
Thread Pool System and Status Variables System and status variables related to the MariaDB thread pool.
TokuDB Status Variables TokuDB status variables
TokuDB System Variables TokuDB System Variables
InnoDB System Variables List and description of XtraDB/InnoDB-related server system variables.
InnoDB Server Status Variables List and description of InnoDB/XtraDB status variables.
MariaDB Optimization for MySQL Users MariaDB contains many new options and optimizations which, for compatibilit...
InnoDB Buffer Pool The most important memory buffer used by InnoDB.
InnoDB Change Buffering Buffering INSERT, UPDATE and DELETE statements for greater efficiency.
Optimizing table_open_cache Adjusting table_open_cache to improve performance.
Optimizing key_buffer_size Optimizing index buffers with key_buffer_size
Segmented Key Cache Collection of structures for regular MyISAM key caches
Big Query Settings Recommended settings for large, IO-bound queries
Sample my.cnf Files Place holder for sample my.cnf files, customized for different memory size ...
Handling Too Many Connections Dealing with the 'Too many connections' error
System and Status Variables Added By Major Release Lists of status and system variables added in MariaDB major release
System Variable Differences between MariaDB and MySQL Comparison of variable differences between major versions of MariaDB and MySQL.
MariaDB Memory Allocation Basic issues in RAM allocation for MariaDB.
Setting Innodb Buffer Pool Size Dynamically The InnoDB Buffer Pool size can be set dynamically from MariaDB 10.2.2.
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