JSON Serializer

The default OpenTSDB serializer parses and returns JSON formatted data. Below you'll find details about the serializer and request parameters that affect only the the JSON serializer. If the serializer has extra parameters for a specific endpoint, they'll be listed below.

Serializer Name


Serializer Options

The following options are supported via query string:

Parameter Data Type Required Description Default Example
jsonp String Optional Wraps the response in a JavaScript function name passed to the parameter. empty jsonp=callback


The JSON formatter can wrap responses in a JavaScript function using the jsonp query string parameter. Supply the name of the function you wish to use and the result will be wrapped.

Example Request


Example Response

  "timestamp": "1362712695",
  "host": "DF81QBM1",
  "repo": "/c/temp/a/opentsdb/build",
  "full_revision": "11c5eefd79f0c800b703ebd29c10e7f924c01572",
  "short_revision": "11c5eef",
  "user": "df81qbm1_/clarsen",
  "repo_status": "MODIFIED",
  "version": "2.0.0"


The JSON serializer allows some query string parameters that modify the output but have no effect on the data retrieved.

Name Data Type Required Description Default Example
arrays Boolean Optional Returns the data points formatted as an array of arrays instead of a map of key/value pairs. Each array consists of the timestamp followed by the value. false arrays=true

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