This endpoint provides a means of implementing an "auto-complete" call that can be accessed repeatedly as a user types a request in a GUI. It does not offer full text searching or wildcards, rather it simply matches the entire string passed in the query on the first characters of the stored data. For example, passing a query of type=metrics&q=sys will return the top 25 metrics in the system that start with sys. Matching is case sensitive, so sys will not match System.CPU. Results are sorted alphabetically.


  • GET
  • POST


Name Data Type Required Description Default QS RW Example
type String Required The type of data to auto complete on. Must be one of the following: metrics, tagk or tagv type metrics
q String Optional A string to match on for the given type q web
max Integer Optional The maximum number of suggested results to return. Must be greater than 0 25 max 10

Example Request

Query String


JSON Content



The response is an array of strings of the given type that match the query. If nothing was found to match the query, an empty array will be returned.

Example Response


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