Module std::prelude::v1

The first version of the prelude of The Rust Standard Library.

See the module-level documentation for more.


pub use crate::marker::Send;
pub use crate::marker::Sized;
pub use crate::marker::Sync;
pub use crate::marker::Unpin;
pub use crate::ops::Drop;
pub use crate::ops::Fn;
pub use crate::ops::FnMut;
pub use crate::ops::FnOnce;
pub use crate::mem::drop;
pub use crate::convert::AsMut;
pub use crate::convert::AsRef;
pub use crate::convert::From;
pub use crate::convert::Into;
pub use crate::iter::DoubleEndedIterator;
pub use crate::iter::ExactSizeIterator;
pub use crate::iter::Extend;
pub use crate::iter::IntoIterator;
pub use crate::iter::Iterator;
pub use crate::option::Option;
pub use crate::option::Option::None;
pub use crate::option::Option::Some;
pub use crate::result::Result;
pub use crate::result::Result::Err;
pub use crate::result::Result::Ok;
pub use core::prelude::v1::asm;
pub use core::prelude::v1::assert;
pub use core::prelude::v1::cfg;
pub use core::prelude::v1::column;
pub use core::prelude::v1::compile_error;
pub use core::prelude::v1::concat;
pub use core::prelude::v1::concat_idents;
pub use core::prelude::v1::env;
pub use core::prelude::v1::file;
pub use core::prelude::v1::format_args;
pub use core::prelude::v1::format_args_nl;
pub use core::prelude::v1::global_asm;
pub use core::prelude::v1::include;
pub use core::prelude::v1::include_bytes;
pub use core::prelude::v1::include_str;
pub use core::prelude::v1::line;
pub use core::prelude::v1::llvm_asm;
pub use core::prelude::v1::log_syntax;
pub use core::prelude::v1::module_path;
pub use core::prelude::v1::option_env;
pub use core::prelude::v1::stringify;
pub use core::prelude::v1::trace_macros;
pub use crate::borrow::ToOwned;
pub use crate::boxed::Box;
pub use crate::string::String;
pub use crate::string::ToString;
pub use crate::vec::Vec;

© 2010 The Rust Project Developers
Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0 or the MIT license, at your option.