DescrStatsW.tconfint_mean(alpha=0.05, alternative='two-sided') [source]

two-sided confidence interval for weighted mean of data

If the data is 2d, then these are separate confidence intervals for each column.

  • alpha (float) – significance level for the confidence interval, coverage is 1-alpha
  • alternative (string) –

    This specifies the alternative hypothesis for the test that corresponds to the confidence interval. The alternative hypothesis, H1, has to be one of the following

    ’two-sided’: H1: mean not equal to value (default) ‘larger’ : H1: mean larger than value ‘smaller’ : H1: mean smaller than value

lower, upper – lower and upper bound of confidence interval

Return type:

floats or ndarrays


In a previous version, statsmodels 0.4, alpha was the confidence level, e.g. 0.95

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