/TensorFlow 2.4


Configuration for parsing a variable-length input feature into a Tensor.

The resulting Tensor of parsing a single SequenceExample or Example has a static shape of [None] + shape and the specified dtype. The resulting Tensor of parsing a batch_size many Examples has a static shape of [batch_size, None] + shape and the specified dtype. The entries in the batch from different Examples will be padded with default_value to the maximum length present in the batch.

To treat a sparse input as dense, provide allow_missing=True; otherwise, the parse functions will fail on any examples missing this feature.


  • shape: Shape of input data for dimension 2 and higher. First dimension is of variable length None.
  • dtype: Data type of input.
  • allow_missing: Whether to allow this feature to be missing from a feature list item. Is available only for parsing SequenceExample not for parsing Examples.
  • default_value: Scalar value to be used to pad multiple Examples to their maximum length. Irrelevant for parsing a single Example or SequenceExample. Defaults to "" for dtype string and 0 otherwise (optional).

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