/TensorFlow 2.4


Parses a single Example proto.

Similar to parse_example, except:

For dense tensors, the returned Tensor is identical to the output of parse_example, except there is no batch dimension, the output shape is the same as the shape given in dense_shape.

For SparseTensors, the first (batch) column of the indices matrix is removed (the indices matrix is a column vector), the values vector is unchanged, and the first (batch_size) entry of the shape vector is removed (it is now a single element vector).

One might see performance advantages by batching Example protos with parse_example instead of using this function directly.

serialized A scalar string Tensor, a single serialized Example.
features A dict mapping feature keys to FixedLenFeature or VarLenFeature values.
example_names (Optional) A scalar string Tensor, the associated name.
name A name for this operation (optional).
A dict mapping feature keys to Tensor and SparseTensor values.
ValueError if any feature is invalid.

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