/TensorFlow 2.4


Outputs random integers from a uniform distribution.

The generated values are uniform integers in the range [minval, maxval). The lower bound minval is included in the range, while the upper bound maxval is excluded.

The random integers are slightly biased unless maxval - minval is an exact power of two. The bias is small for values of maxval - minval significantly smaller than the range of the output (either 2^32 or 2^64).

resource A Tensor of type resource. The handle of the resource variable that stores the state of the RNG.
algorithm A Tensor of type int64. The RNG algorithm.
shape A Tensor. The shape of the output tensor.
minval A Tensor. Minimum value (inclusive, scalar).
maxval A Tensor. Must have the same type as minval. Maximum value (exclusive, scalar).
name A name for the operation (optional).
A Tensor. Has the same type as minval.

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