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Module: tf.contrib.gan.losses.wargs

Defined in tensorflow/contrib/gan/python/losses/python/losses_wargs.py.

TFGAN grouped API. Please see README.md for details and usage.


acgan_discriminator_loss(...): ACGAN loss for the discriminator.

acgan_generator_loss(...): ACGAN loss for the generator.

combine_adversarial_loss(...): Utility to combine main and adversarial losses.

cycle_consistency_loss(...): Defines the cycle consistency loss.

least_squares_discriminator_loss(...): Least squares discriminator loss.

least_squares_generator_loss(...): Least squares generator loss.

minimax_discriminator_loss(...): Original minimax discriminator loss for GANs, with label smoothing.

minimax_generator_loss(...): Original minimax generator loss for GANs.

modified_discriminator_loss(...): Same as minimax discriminator loss.

modified_generator_loss(...): Modified generator loss for GANs.

mutual_information_penalty(...): Returns a penalty on the mutual information in an InfoGAN model.

wasserstein_discriminator_loss(...): Wasserstein discriminator loss for GANs.

wasserstein_generator_loss(...): Wasserstein generator loss for GANs.

wasserstein_gradient_penalty(...): The gradient penalty for the Wasserstein discriminator loss.

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