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Module: tf.keras.initializers

Defined in tensorflow/tools/api/generator/api/keras/initializers/__init__.py.

Imports for Python API.

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class Constant: Initializer that generates tensors with constant values.

class Identity: Initializer that generates the identity matrix.

class Initializer: Initializer base class: all initializers inherit from this class.

class Ones: Initializer that generates tensors initialized to 1.

class Orthogonal: Initializer that generates an orthogonal matrix.

class RandomNormal: Initializer that generates tensors with a normal distribution.

class RandomUniform: Initializer that generates tensors with a uniform distribution.

class TruncatedNormal: Initializer that generates a truncated normal distribution.

class VarianceScaling: Initializer capable of adapting its scale to the shape of weights tensors.

class Zeros: Initializer that generates tensors initialized to 0.




glorot_normal(...): Glorot normal initializer, also called Xavier normal initializer.

glorot_uniform(...): Glorot uniform initializer, also called Xavier uniform initializer.

he_normal(...): He normal initializer.

he_uniform(...): He uniform variance scaling initializer.

lecun_normal(...): LeCun normal initializer.

lecun_uniform(...): LeCun uniform initializer.


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