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Defined in tensorflow/python/ops/math_ops.py.

Computes the sum along segments of a tensor divided by the sqrt(N).

Read the section on segmentation for an explanation of segments.

This operator is similar to the unsorted segment sum operator found here. Additionally to computing the sum over segments, it divides the results by sqrt(N).

\(output_i = 1/sqrt(N_i) \sum data_j\) where the sum is over j such that segment_ids[j] == i with \N_i\ being the number of occurrences of id \i\.

If there is no entry for a given segment ID i, it outputs 0.

Note that this op only supports floating point and complex dtypes, due to tf.sqrt only supporting these types.

segment_ids: A 1-D tensor whose rank is equal to the rank of data's first dimension.

output: Has same shape as data, except for dimension 0 which has size num_segments.

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