add_site_option( string $option, mixed $value )

Adds a new option for the current network.


Existing options will not be updated. Note that prior to 3.3 this wasn’t the case.

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(string) (Required) Name of the option to add. Expected to not be SQL-escaped.


(mixed) (Required) Option value, can be anything. Expected to not be SQL-escaped.


(bool) True if the option was added, false otherwise.

More Information

This function essentially the same as add_option() but works network wide when using WP Multisite.

The only major difference is that on multisite site-wide options will not autoload and on a single site the option will autoload. Unlike when using add_option() on a single site, the feature cannot be overridden.


File: wp-includes/option.php

function add_site_option( $option, $value ) {
	return add_network_option( null, $option, $value );


Version Description
4.4.0 Modified into wrapper for add_network_option()
2.8.0 Introduced.

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