Produces a reusable animation that can be invoked in another animation or sequence, by calling the useAnimation() function.

animation(steps: AnimationMetadata | AnimationMetadata[], options: AnimationOptions = null): AnimationReferenceMetadata

steps AnimationMetadata | AnimationMetadata[]

One or more animation objects, as returned by the animate() or sequence() function, that form a transformation from one state to another. A sequence is used by default when you pass an array.

options AnimationOptions

An options object that can contain a delay value for the start of the animation, and additional developer-defined parameters. Provided values for additional parameters are used as defaults, and override values can be passed to the caller on invocation.

Optional. Default is null.


AnimationReferenceMetadata: An object that encapsulates the animation data.

Usage notes

The following example defines a reusable animation, providing some default parameter values.

var fadeAnimation = animation([
  style({ opacity: '{{ start }}' }),
  animate('{{ time }}',
  style({ opacity: '{{ end }}'}))
  { params: { time: '1000ms', start: 0, end: 1 }});

The following invokes the defined animation with a call to useAnimation(), passing in override parameter values.

useAnimation(fadeAnimation, {
  params: {
    time: '2s',
    start: 1,
    end: 0

If any of the passed-in parameter values are missing from this call, the default values are used. If one or more parameter values are missing before a step is animated, useAnimation() throws an error.

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