Encapsulates an animation transition. Instantiated and returned by the transition() function.

interface AnimationTransitionMetadata extends AnimationMetadata {
  expr: string | ((fromState: string, toState: string, element?: any, params?: {...}))
  animation: AnimationMetadata | AnimationMetadata[]
  options: AnimationOptions | null

  // inherited from animations/AnimationMetadata
  type: AnimationMetadataType


Property Description
expr: string | ((fromState: string, toState: string, element?: any, params?: { [key: string]: any; }) => boolean)

An expression that describes a state change.

animation: AnimationMetadata | AnimationMetadata[]

One or more animation objects to which this transition applies.

options: AnimationOptions | null

An options object containing a delay and developer-defined parameters that provide styling defaults and can be overridden on invocation. Default delay is 0.

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