Defines a list of animation steps to be run in parallel.

group(steps: AnimationMetadata[], options: AnimationOptions = null): AnimationGroupMetadata

steps AnimationMetadata[]

An array of animation step objects.

  • When steps are defined by style() or animate() function calls, each call within the group is executed instantly.
  • To specify offset styles to be applied at a later time, define steps with keyframes(), or use animate() calls with a delay value. For example:
  animate("1s", style({ background: "black" })),
  animate("2s", style({ color: "white" }))
options AnimationOptions

An options object containing a delay and developer-defined parameters that provide styling defaults and can be overridden on invocation.

Optional. Default is null.


AnimationGroupMetadata: An object that encapsulates the group data.

Usage notes

Grouped animations are useful when a series of styles must be animated at different starting times and closed off at different ending times.

When called within a sequence() or a transition() call, does not continue to the next instruction until all of the inner animation steps have completed.

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