/Apache HTTP Server

Apache Module mod_watchdog

Description: provides infrastructure for other modules to periodically run tasks
Status: Base
ModuleIdentifier: watchdog_module
SourceFile: mod_watchdog.c
Compatibility: Available in Apache 2.3 and later


mod_watchdog defines programmatic hooks for other modules to periodically run tasks. These modules can register handlers for mod_watchdog hooks. Currently, the following modules in the Apache distribution use this functionality:

To allow a module to use mod_watchdog functionality, mod_watchdog itself must be statically linked to the server core or, if a dynamic module, be loaded before the calling module.

WatchdogInterval Directive

Description: Watchdog interval in seconds
WatchdogInterval time-interval[s]
WatchdogInterval 1
Context: server config
Status: Base
Module: mod_watchdog

Sets the interval at which the watchdog_step hook runs. Default is to run every second.

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