static constexpr coroutine_handle from_address( void *addr );
(since C++20)

Creates a coroutine_handle from a null pointer value or an underlying address of another coroutine_handle. The underlying address of return value is addr.

The behavior is undefined if addr is neither a null pointer value nor an underlying address of a coroutine_handle. The behavior is also undefined if the addr is an underlying address of a std::coroutine_handle<P1>, where both Promise and P1 are not void, and P1 is different from Promise.

This function is not declared for specialization std::coroutine_handle<std::noop_coroutine_promise>.


addr - underlying address to import

Return values

A std::coroutine_handle<Promise> whose underlying address is addr.


If addr is not a null pointer value, it must be obtained from a prior call to address() on a coroutine_handle referring to some coroutine.


See also

constructs a coroutine_handle object
(public member function)
[static] (C++20)
creates a coroutine_handle from the promise object of a coroutine
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creates a coroutine handle that has no observable effects when resumed or destroyed

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