Member of the primary template
Promise& promise() const;
(since C++20)
Member of specialization std::coroutine_handle<std::noop_coroutine_promise>
std::noop_coroutine_promise& promise() const noexcept;
(since C++20)

Obtains a reference to the promise object.

The behavior is undefined if *this does not refer to a coroutine whose promise object has not been destroyed.

This function is not provided for the specialization std::coroutine_handle<>.



Return value

A reference to the promise object.


The promise object of a no-op coroutine is not destroyed as long as there is some std::noop_coroutine_handle referring to the coroutine.

See also

[static] (C++20)
creates a coroutine_handle from the promise object of a coroutine
(public static member function)

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