Standard library header <source_location> (C++20)

This header is part of the utility library.


a class representing information about the source code, such as file names, line numbers, and function names


namespace std {
  struct source_location;

Class std::source_location

namespace std {
  struct source_location {
    // source location construction
    static consteval source_location current() noexcept;
    constexpr source_location() noexcept;
    // source location field access
    constexpr uint_least32_t line() const noexcept;
    constexpr uint_least32_t column() const noexcept;
    constexpr const char* file_name() const noexcept;
    constexpr const char* function_name() const noexcept;
    uint_least32_t line_;               // exposition only
    uint_least32_t column_;             // exposition only
    const char* file_name_;             // exposition only
    const char* function_name_;         // exposition only

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