std::bind1st, std::bind2nd

Defined in header <functional>
template< class F, class T >
std::binder1st<F> bind1st( const F& f, const T& x );
(1) (deprecated in C++11)
(removed in C++17)
template< class F, class T >
std::binder2nd<F> bind2nd( const F& f, const T& x );
(2) (deprecated in C++11)
(removed in C++17)

Binds a given argument x to a first or second parameter of the given binary function object f. That is, stores x within the resulting wrapper, which, if called, passes x as the first or the second parameter of f.

1) Binds the first argument of f to x. Effectively calls std::binder1st<F>(f, typename F::first_argument_type(x)).
2) Binds the second argument of f to x. Effectively calls std::binder2nd<F>(f, typename F::second_argument_type(x)).


f - pointer to a function to bind an argument to
x - argument to bind to f

Return value

A function object wrapping f and x.


May throw implementation-defined exceptions.


#include <algorithm>
#include <cmath>
#include <cstddef>
#include <functional>
#include <iomanip>
#include <iostream>
#include <vector>
int main()
    std::vector<double> a = {0, 30, 45, 60, 90, 180};
    std::vector<double> r(a.size());
    const double pi = std::acos(-1); // since C++20 use std::numbers::pi
    std::transform(a.begin(), a.end(), r.begin(),
        std::bind1st(std::multiplies<double>(), pi / 180.0));
//  an equivalent lambda is: [pi](double a) { return a * pi / 180.0; });
    for (std::size_t n = 0; n < a.size(); ++n)
        std::cout << std::setw(3) << a[n] << "° = " << std::fixed << r[n]
                  << " rad\n" << std::defaultfloat;


  0° = 0.000000 rad
 30° = 0.523599 rad
 45° = 0.785398 rad
 60° = 1.047198 rad
 90° = 1.570796 rad
180° = 3.141593 rad

See also

(deprecated in C++11)(removed in C++17)
function object holding a binary function and one of its arguments
(class template)
bind a variable number of arguments, in order, to a function object
(function template)

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