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Inherits: VisualShaderNode < Resource < Reference < Object

Inherited By: VisualShaderNodeBooleanUniform, VisualShaderNodeColorUniform, VisualShaderNodeScalarUniform, VisualShaderNodeTextureUniform, VisualShaderNodeTransformUniform, VisualShaderNodeVec3Uniform

A base type for the uniforms within the visual shader graph.


A uniform represents a variable in the shader which is set externally, i.e. from the ShaderMaterial. Uniforms are exposed as properties in the ShaderMaterial and can be assigned from the inspector or from a script.


String uniform_name ""

Property Descriptions

String uniform_name

Default ""
Setter set_uniform_name(value)
Getter get_uniform_name()

Name of the uniform, by which it can be accessed through the ShaderMaterial properties.

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