Supported platforms

Kotlin supports the following platforms and provides target presets for each platform. See how to use a target preset.

Target platform Target preset Comments
Kotlin/JVM jvm
Kotlin/JS js

Select the execution environment:

  • browser {} for applications running in the browser.
  • nodejs{} for applications running on Node.js.

Learn more in Setting up a Kotlin/JS project.

Android applications and libraries android

Manually apply an Android Gradle plugin – com.android.application or com.android.library.

You can only create one Android target per Gradle subproject.

Android NDK androidNativeArm32, androidNativeArm64

The 64-bit target requires a Linux or macOS host.

You can build the 32-bit target on any supported host.

iOS iosArm32, iosArm64, iosX64 Requires a macOS host.
watchOS watchosArm32, watchosArm64, watchosX86
tvOS tvosArm64, tvosX64
macOS macosX64 Requires a macOS host.
Linux linuxArm64, linuxArm32Hfp, linuxMips32, linuxMipsel32, linuxX64

Linux MIPS targets (linuxMips32 and linuxMipsel32) require a Linux host.

You can build other Linux targets on any supported host.

Windows mingwX64, mingwX86 Requires a Windows host.
WebAssembly wasm32

A target that is not supported by the current host is ignored during building and therefore not published.

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