MariaDB Binary Packages

This section contains information on and installation instructions for MariaDB binaries and packages.

Title Description
Installing MariaDB RPM Files Information and instructions on using the RPM packages and the related repositories.
Installing MariaDB .deb Files Installing MariaDB .deb Files.
Installing MariaDB MSI Packages on Windows MSI packages for Mariadb are available starting with version 5.2.6.
Installing MariaDB Server PKG packages on macOS The .pkg installer installs MariaDB Server and, optionally, a launchd servi...
Installing MariaDB Binary Tarballs Installing MariaDB binary tarballs, systemd, and glibc-2.14
Installing MariaDB Server on macOS Using Homebrew Installing MariaDB on macOS via the Homebrew package manager, the "missing ...
Installing and Using MariaDB via Docker Creating and managing a MariaDB Docker container.
Installing MariaDB Windows ZIP Packages Getting started with ZIP packages on Windows.
Compiling MariaDB From Source Articles on compiling MariaDB from source
Distributions Which Include MariaDB Distributions including MariaDB.
Running Multiple MariaDB Server Processes Running multiple MariaDB Server processes on the same server.
Installing MariaDB Alongside MySQL MariaDB is a drop in place replacement for MySQL, but you can also install it alongside MySQL
GPG The MariaDB project signs their MariaDB packages for Debian, Ubuntu, Fedora, CentOS, and Red Hat
MariaDB Deprecation Policy Information on MariaDB's Software Deprecation Policy and Schedule.
MariaDB Package Repository Setup and Usage Executing and using a convenient shell script to set up the MariaDB Package Repository.
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