Getting, Installing, and Upgrading MariaDB

Title Description
Where to Download MariaDB Downloading tarballs, binaries, packages, and the source code for MariaDB.
MariaDB Binary Packages Instructions on installing MariaDB binaries and packages.
Upgrading MariaDB Upgrading from an earlier version, or from MySQL
Downgrading between Major Versions of MariaDB Downgrading MariaDB is not supported.
Compiling MariaDB From Source Articles on compiling MariaDB from source
Starting and Stopping MariaDB Articles related to starting and stopping MariaDB Server.
MariaDB Performance & Advanced Configurations Articles of how to setup your MariaDB optimally on different systems
Troubleshooting Installation Issues Articles relating to installation issues users might run into
Installing System Tables (mysql_install_db) Using mysql_install_db to create the system tables in the 'mysql' database directory
mysql_install_db.exe Windows equivalent of mysql_install_db for creating the system tables etc.
Configuring MariaDB with Option Files Configuring MariaDB with my.cnf and other option files.
MariaDB Environment Variables List of environment variables used by MariaDB.
Puppet and MariaDB Puppet modules that allow you to use MariaDB
MariaDB on Amazon RDS Getting started with MariaDB on Amazon RDS
Obsolete Installation Information Installation-related items that are obsolete
mysqld Configuration Files and Groups Which configuration files and groups mysqld reads.
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